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Trade Like a Pro With Hotstocked Precision - The High Probability Trading Software

Hotstocked Precision scans the chart of every single stock on the market, every day. You can lookup any stock and see its probability to go up or down in the next few days. Precision also offers its users an advanced scanner, which along with the highest probability stocks for the day gives the user the ability to use a number of custom filters.

If you're interested in penny stocks, Hotstocked Precision has a special section on the main screen, which shows a list of the highest probability penny stocks for the day.

Hotstocked Precision also offers a custom research report for every single company , along with a cumulative estimate of all Wall Street analyst opinions. In the company profile view, you can see the revenue, the earnings and an analyst forecast how the company is going to perform financially in the next quarter.

These are just a few of the many features that Hotstocked Precision offers. Seeing is believing, so DOWNLOAD the free trial and see for yourself!

Hotstocked Precision's Key Features

High Probability Screener

Hotstocked Preicision Probabilty Screener

Daily updated lists of High Probability Stocks, Penny Stocks and Short Sales for a 20 Day period. You can find the complete list of these stocks in a separate tab as well as display several other timeframe probabilities (1-Day, 2-Day, 10-Day).

Fully Customizable Screener

Hotstocked Preicision Probabilty Screener

Advanced criteria screener to help you narrow your search down to a select few stocks matching matching your criteria 100%.

Advanced Individual Chart

Hotstocked Preicision Probabilty Screener

Interested in how a stock might move next? Every company profile stock chart displays a 20-day probability overlay.

Complete Research

Hotstocked Preicision Probabilty Screener

Interested in the company's fundamentals and the 12-month outlook based on them? Precision offers a thorough research report which covers every aspect of the company and what is it's current state.

Analyst Ratings and Price Targets

Hotstocked Preicision Probabilty Screener

Apart from Hotstocked's proprietary research report, Precision also offers a cumulative rating of other Wall Street analysts as well as revenue and EPS estimates.

Fully Customizable Portfolio

Hotstocked Preicision Probabilty Screener

Manage and track your favorite stocks using the highly customizable portfolio feature.

Watch the Tutorials to Learn How to Use Precision to Its Full Potential


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